How to preserve the nutritional value of your food with healthy kitchen utensils


Eating nutritionally lacking foods is as good as eating nothing. Even if you make sure that your food is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and other nutrients, there is a great chance that you lose nutritional value before eating it.

Few people are aware that most of the nutrients in food are lost during cooking if cooking utensils are not made of the right material. It happens in the following three ways:

  1. Conventional kitchen utensils (metals or ceramics) filter toxins in food while cooking. At cooking temperature, metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, cast iron, etc., leach ions and react with food, a biochemical entity, with heat acting as a catalyst. As a result, food becomes contaminated and becomes unhealthy. These toxins cause serious long-term health problems, from short-term illnesses to chronic diseases.
  2. In addition, the heat of these pots is destructive to the delicate nutritional cells of food. Touch a metal pan for five minutes to heat it, burn your skin and leave a scar, the food is made of the same fabric and is subject to damage while cooking.
  3. The steam must be released through ventilation before opening the lid. Then, water soluble nutrients evaporate. This is another way in which nutrients are lost.

You can check your kitchen utensils at home with a simple alkaline sodium bicarbonate test to see if it is filtering toxins in your food.

How is pure clay different?

Pure clay is 100% safe and healthy to make kitchen utensils, since it is made of primary clay, clay without natural contaminants. The following characteristics of pure clay pots ensure that the food cooked in them is healthy:

  1. These pots do not filter chemicals or metals in food while cooking.
  2. They cook with a unique far-infrared heat that penetrates deeply into the beans without damaging them. This heat is suitable for food and is cooked gently, keeping nutrients intact.
  3. This healthy kitchen utensil has excellent steam handling properties. The ergonomically designed pot and lid allow steam to circulate inside and allow food to cook with its own vapor pressure. The straight walls of the pot, its concentric circles, the internal flute in the lid and a cold bottom of the knob allow steam to rise, condense and fall back into the pot. This prevents water soluble nutrients from evaporating as steam as in conventional metal / ceramic cookware.

All these excellent features make food nutritionally rich and truly healthy for you and your family. No more worries about the toxins that enter your food or lose nutrients, choose healthy pure clay cooking utensils today and enjoy healthy food for the rest of your life.


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