Two-year baby food schedule


Two years is an important milestone when it comes to your child’s eating habits and the food he consumes. At the age of two, your baby needs a lot of nutrients in your body and milk is not enough to meet the needs of your growing bodies. So, while it is important to always feed them with healthy baby food, 2-year-old baby food is a particularly critical issue. In fact, at this age, your child stops eating and must eat three main meals a day along with one or two snacks.

They can eat everything they are eating, but obviously their food should not be so spicy, if it does. It is important to prepare food for 2 years and follow a set schedule for your child. To help facilitate the process of assembling one, you can consult the following tips for a 2-year baby food time table. But remember to also follow your baby’s signs and adapt your well-being according to your tastes and preferences.

Perfect meal for 2 years early in the morning:

1 cup of milk

2-3 water-soaked almonds

For breakfast, they can eat:

1 small parantha + ½ cup of curd

2 idlis with 1 sambhar bowl

1 slice of whole wheat bread + cucumber / tomato sandwich


1 cup vegetable poha

1 cup upma

1 ragi dosa / chila

Hungry again? Give them some snacks at the end of the morning:

1 fruit, diced

1 cup vegetable soup

Lunch time? These are the healthy food options for 2 year old babies:

2 teaspoons of healthy seasonal vegetables with 1 roti or ½ cup of rice and ½ cup of dal

½ cup of baked vegetables such as carrots, beans and / or potatoes

½ cup rice with kadhi / rajma / chana

½ cup khichdi with seasonal vegetables

Night snacks that can be doubled as baby food for 2 year olds:

½ cup milk with chocolate / banana muffin

1 cup fruit smoothie

1 piece of paneer / vegetable cutlet

½ cup chaat fruit

Cornflakes with ½ cup of milk

½ cup fruit yogurt

Dinner options for 2 years of healthy baby food:

1 roti + ½ cup of seasonal vegetables

1 cup of vegetable pulao

1 vegetable parantha with chutney

1 small parantha with paneer curry

½ cup rice with soy granules

The foods listed above are healthy food options for two-year-olds that are also easily digested. However, these are just a few examples of baby food for 2 year olds and you can always experiment with what your child likes. Therefore, combine and combine these options to create your own 2-year baby food schedule.

Parents should also keep the following tips in mind when assembling the 2-year baby food table:

1. Offer a lot of water to your baby

2. Avoid offering sugary and airy drinks and fast foods

3. Give at least two servings of green vegetables

4. Get them used to eating fruits.

5. Use honey as a sweetener whenever you can

6. Eat healthy as your children learn by watching

7. Make desserts occasional


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