TYPE OF DOGS – Afghan Hound

afghan hound puppy


Dignified and aloof, the Afghan Hound has a contented temperament and makes a superb household companion.


The Afghan Hound doesn’t simply look regal. He has an aristocratic air and unbiased nature. Regardless of this, he’s candy and might even be foolish—particularly as a pet. Afghans are loyal to their instant human household, however, could snub visitors.

TYPE OF DOGS - Afghan Hound, afghan hound puppy

As a lively breed, Afghans want loads of trains and sufficient vitamin to gas their excessive vitality ranges. Bred to hunt and chase prey by sight, this sighthound has sturdy instincts to run after something it deems as prey. Even with constant coaching, it’s not suggested to stroll an Afghan off-leash. Out of doors play areas ought to have an excessive, safe fence. They want loads of room to run at full pace to burn off pent-up vitality.


Afghans have an athletic physique with protruding hipbones. This distinctive breed trait doesn’t imply the canine is underweight.

As a substitute, the hip joints pivot, which supplies them the power to cowl a number of the floor shortly and overcome obstacles with ease. Their giant paw pads function shock absorbers, defending their joints from harsh terrain.


12 to 14 years


The Afghan Hound is available in an array of various colors, together with black, black and silver, black and tan, blue, blue and cream, pink, silver or white. Afghans may have markings reminiscent of black masks, brindle, brindle black masks, brindle domino or domino.


Though they require extra grooming than different breeds, this lengthy-coated breed doesn’t shed a lot. Afghan puppies require little upkeep, due to their quick coats. The lengthy coat that develops throughout adolescence wants common grooming.

Each day brushing helps maintain the coat tangle- and mat-free and removes filth and particles. Common bathing can also be wanted.

Well being

Afghan Hounds have decrease shops of physique fats than different breeds, which makes them extra delicate to anesthesia. Specialists suggest discovering a veterinarian skilled with sighthounds in case your Afghan wants surgical procedure.

Their deep chest will increase the danger of bloat, sudden and infrequently life-threatening swelling of the stomach.

Accountable breeders display for hip, eye and thyroid issues. The Afghan’s lengthy-hanging ears will increase the danger of ear infection.

Finest Canine Meals for Afghan Hounds & Puppies

Lively breeds just like the Afghan Hound can profit from excessive-protein pet food to help their excessive vitality ranges.

When you’ve got an Afghan pet, search for pet meals particularly formulated with important vitamins to help his progress and growth all through his first 12 months of life.

Discover all our dry pet food merchandise right here. For extra data on how a lot or when to feed your Afghan canine or pet, discover our feeding articles.

Historical past

The Afghan Hound is among the oldest purebred canine. So previously, the truth is, it was developed hundreds of years earlier than written information have been stored.

The breed’s origins have been traced again to areas of Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan, nevertheless, it’s not possible to pinpoint a precise area as a result of its prolonged historical past.

Afghans have been looking companions to Asia’s elite mountain kingdoms. They hunted giant prey, each within the desert and mountains. They have been prized for the power to hunt with out human path.

Though a fixture in historical Japanese cultures, Afghan Hounds weren’t found by Western cultures till the 1800s. English officers touring dwelling from time spent within the far reaches of the British Empire introduced the breed again to Europe with them.

By the 1900s, Afghan Hounds have been the breed of alternative amongst Britain’s higher lessons. The American Kennel Membership (AKC) first registered the breed in 1927, nevertheless, it didn’t acquire reputation within the U.S. till the 1930s. The Afghan Hound went on to win Finest in Present on the Westminster Kennel Membership Canine Present in 1957 and once more in 1983.


  • The Afghan’s lengthy, flowing coat protected him from the tough desert and mountainous climates the place they originated.
  • As sighthounds, Afghans have panoramic imaginative and prescient and their distinctive hip joints give them astounding pace. These traits enable them to simply spot and pursue their prey.
  • Pablo Picasso’s sculpture of his Afghan Hound, Kabul, stands in Daley Plaza in Chicago.
  • 1962 portray by Picasso, Femme au Chien, options an Afghan Hound. In 2012, the portray bought for greater than $10 Million.
  • When Barbie’s Afghan Hound named Magnificence was launched, the breed’s reputation soared in America.
  • The primary cloned canine was an Afghan Hound named “Snuppy” in 2005.
  • One of many first Afghan Hounds dropped at America belonged to Zeppo Marx of the Marx Brothers in 1926.