9 Myths About Dogs That Need To Be Busted


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As canine lovers, it’s our accountability to offer our furry mates with one of the best care that we will. With a purpose to try this, we have to perceive our canine and their wants, and we have now to know the way to preserve them wholesome and pleased.

Myths about canine could make that tough. They’ll trigger miscommunication between canine house owners and their pups, hurt canines’ well being, and depart canine in doubtlessly harmful conditions. Now we have to know what’s true and what’s false, and generally even typical knowledge and customary sense must be questioned.

Listed below are 9 widespread myths about canine that must be busted.

1. You Can’t Train An Previous Canine New Methods

Individuals typically say this widespread phrase to elucidate why older people might really feel caught of their methods and discover it tougher to study than younger individuals. It’s also a falsehood in the case of canine.

Senior pups can completely study new issues. In truth, it’s one solution to preserve their brains sharp and energetic nicely into outdated age.

Dogs typically crave psychological stimulation, regardless of how outdated they’re, and there are such a lot of advantages to instructing outdated canine new tips. It’s a rewarding expertise for the canine, it strengthens the bond between them and their house owners, and it offers the mind with much-needed train.

Seniors might have a bit extra endurance, however they’re able to studying something from burglary to superior instructions. Simply be aware of their bodily wants and limitations.

2. You Need To Be Dominant To Train Dogs

Dominance concept is a technique of coaching that has been pushed by some widespread canine behaviorists, particularly the “Canine Whisperer,” Caesar Millan.

The idea means that as a result of canine are descended from wolves, they should function in the identical manner {that a} wolf pack would, with a dominant “alpha” canine and the remainder of the pack submitting to his will. Because the coach, you have to consistently wrestle along with your canine for dominance to maintain them in verify.

There are a lot of issues with this concept, and it has largely been debunked by trendy behaviorists. It’s primarily based on flawed observations of wolves in captivity, which act in another way than they do within the wild.

In the event you attempt to be dominant to your canine, you could find yourself making them obey you out of worry and nervousness, which might result in extra behavioral issues down the highway. We completely must bust this fable, as it may hurt the bond that we share with our canine.

3. Dogs Can’t Inform How Lengthy You’ve Been Gone

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This fable comes from the assumption that canine have poor episodic recollections, that means they’ve a tougher time recalling the what, when, and the place of particular occasions than we people do. If they will’t bear in mind precisely while you left, they will’t understand how lengthy you’ve been gone.

Whereas it could be true that canine’ recollections don’t perform the identical manner that people’ recollections do, there may be analysis to recommend that canine can inform time in some methods.

Not solely do their pure every day rhythms that inform them when it’s time to eat, get up, go potty, and so on. assist them get a way of how a lot time has handed, so does their notion of daylight, the scents within the air, and different issues they will bodily sense.

In 2011, researchers carried out a examine to see if canine reacted in another way relying on how lengthy their house owners stayed away. They discovered that canine did have a unique response when their house owners left for 2 hours versus solely a half hour, so clearly canine have some sense of time.

Analysis hasn’t been carried out to see how canine react when their house owners are gone for longer intervals, resembling days, weeks, or months, however most canine house owners would say that their canine do have some sense of how lengthy they’ve been gone. Perhaps scientific analysis will assist shed some extra mild on canine’ notion of time sooner or later.

4. Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Human Meals

It is a fable that could be very advantageous to pet food firms that declare that their formulated merchandise are particularly designed to offer all of the vitamins your canine wants for the remainder of their lives. Increasingly more, nonetheless, individuals are difficult this fable and discovering that human-grade meals is way more appropriate for canine and their well being.

There are many human meals which might be simply high quality for canine, together with eggs and lots of sorts of meat, fruit, and greens. As an alternative of consuming retailer purchased snacks, canine can chomp on some wholesome blueberries or carrots. As an alternative of consuming kibble, they will eat a do-it-yourself recipe that is stuffed with species-appropriate proteins and vitamins.

This fable is harmful as a result of kibble is probably not the best choice in your canine’s well being. It typically comprises filler that has no dietary profit, and main manufacturers typically have remembers after contamination from micro organism and chemical compounds.

Perform a little research on acceptable human meals in your canine, seek the advice of your veterinarian, and ask a canine nutritionist to help you in formulating an actual weight loss program in your canine.

5. ‘Rubbing Their Nostril In It’ Is A Good Methodology For Burglary

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Whereas canine might have some notion of time, they don’t at all times have a grasp on trigger and impact the way in which that people do. For this reason punishing a canine for having an accident in the home shouldn’t be very efficient in the event you don’t catch them within the act.

Once you come house to seek out an accident and rub their nostril in it, your canine doesn’t perceive that it’s the act of going potty in the home that you’ve an issue with. They’re simply as prone to assume you disapprove of all poop and pee, which might make them anxious about going potty anyplace, even outdoors.

It could possibly additionally result in neurotic habits like consuming feces, as canine might attempt to cover the proof of their accident to stop you from punishing them. To correctly housebreak your canine, it is best to solely scold while you catch them within the act, and it is best to solely use a pointy “no” and take them outdoors shortly.

Ready any longer than a number of seconds between the undesired habits and consequence is simply complicated for canine and never notably useful. Believing the rub-their-nose-in-it fable may cause a serious breakdown of communication that leaves canine with lasting behavioral points.

6. A Dry Nostril Means A Canine Is Sick

Whereas a dry nostril can imply a canine is sick, it doesn’t at all times imply that. In truth, dry noses are pretty widespread, and it’s extra prone to be nothing to fret about than it’s to necessitate a vet go to.

Your canine’s nostril will be dry for a lot of causes. It may be dry as a result of they’re sleeping and haven’t licked their nostril in a very long time. Dry, heat air can result in a dry nostril, as can allergy symptoms or publicity to plastic. Your canine merely might have a drink of water.

It isn’t wholesome for a canine’s nostril to be dry for an prolonged time frame, and in the event you discover it, you could want to ask your vet for recommendation on the way to moisturize with coconut oil or different merchandise. If the pores and skin in your canine’s nostril begins cracking, it is best to completely ask your vet to find out what’s mistaken.

Usually, although, it’s not a trigger for concern except it’s accompanied by different signs or if the dry nostril persists for a very long time. It is a fable that may trigger pet house owners an excessive amount of pointless fear.

7. Dogs Are Utterly Coloration Blind


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Many individuals consider that canine can solely see in black and white with no capacity to detect colours. That is primarily based on outdated analysis and has been disproved, however the vary of colours canine can see is completely different from people.

Human eyes have three varieties of cones that permit them to detect colours, whereas canine solely have two. Because of this canine can principally see shades of yellows, blues, and violets, whereas they can not detect reds, greens, and oranges the way in which people can.

This fable may cause misconceptions about how canine understand the world and will have an effect on canine house owners’ choices in the case of coaching and determining which merchandise to purchase. Perhaps you’d want to get your canine a yellow ball that can present up extra simply in your pup within the grass than a pink one.

The excellent news is that canine depend on their sense of odor greater than their imaginative and prescient or different senses, so it shouldn’t matter an excessive amount of to your pup what you resolve.

8. Canine Physique Language All the time Means The Identical Factor

Some individuals will take a look at an image of a canine on Fb and immediately declare that they know precisely how the canine is feeling primarily based on their physique language. Nonetheless, canine physique language isn’t at all times really easy to learn.

You could assume a canine wagging their tail is an indication that they’re pleased, but it surely actually simply means they’re stimulated. They could be pissed off and able to lunge or assault. A canine who exhibits their tooth could also be indignant and telling you to again off, or they could present their tooth when they’re very content material. Dogs who yawn could also be drained or they could be concerned.

The purpose is that you could’t at all times inform what a canine is considering primarily based on their physique language. You even have to pay attention to context, be aware of the canine, and perceive the opposite methods by which canine talk.

This fable can result in plenty of misunderstandings, nervousness, and even bites if individuals aren’t cautious.

9. Shaving Or Wetting A Canine’s Fur Will Hold Them Cool

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When the climate heats up, widespread sense would inform you that you could preserve your canine cool by eliminating a few of that heavy fur and sprinkling some water on them. Widespread sense is mistaken on this case, and it’s doubtlessly harmful.

As a lot as a canine’s fur coat is supposed to maintain them heat, it additionally helps preserve them cool when it’s scorching and prevents sunburns.

Most consultants say that canine with particularly thick coats might have a trim, however they shouldn’t ever want a totally shave, and short-haired canine most likely don’t want you to trim them in any respect. They suggest leaving at the very least an inch of fur.

As for getting canine moist, it should present some short-term aid, however their coats can lure water, which might create steam subsequent to their pores and skin and solely warmth them up extra. If you wish to cool off your canine, apply cool–not chilly–water to their uncovered pores and skin. This consists of the armpits, paws, internal thighs, and locations the place there’s no fur cowl.

In the event you should moist your canine’s fur, you’ll must constantly refresh the water in order that it stays cool and doesn’t create steam. In the event you’re utilizing a towel, you possibly can lure much more steam in the event you don’t preserve it cool, and warmth can switch in a short time.

Get your canine indoors and to a cool place as quickly as attainable in the event that they present indicators of heatstroke or dehydration and provides them loads of water to drink. Don’t make the error of creating your canine hotter while you’re attempting to maintain them cool.

What different myths have you ever heard about canine that must be busted? The place you shocked that any of those myths weren’t true? Tell us within the feedback under!

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