Dear Labby: Why Does My Dog Carry His Food To The Other Room To Eat It?


Occasionally, the dog is unwilling to eat. In these cases, it may be lazy or dont like food, Akita japan dog.

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One in all our DogTime readers needs to know why her canine takes his meals to go. She writes:

Dear Labby,

I’ve seen that my canine does one thing odd throughout dinner time. After I fill his bowl, he’ll scoop some meals into his mouth, run out of the kitchen, drop the meals on the lounge rug, and eat it there.

It looks as if an additional step within the consuming course of. I don’t know why he wouldn’t simply save effort and time by consuming the meals the place I put it. It additionally makes a crumby mess on the rug that’s fairly disagreeable to step on.

Does he have one thing in opposition to his bowl? Is he ashamed of consuming within the kitchen in entrance of his people? Are we doing one thing to make him uncomfortable?

I’m no Michelin chef, however I wish to make sure that I’m giving my canine one of the best consuming expertise potential. I’m simply frightened that I’m doing one thing unsuitable and inflicting this habits. Please assist.


Fido Is Not Having fun with Dinner In Regular Consuming Room

Dear Labby Has The Reply!

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Dear Fido Is Not Having fun with Dinner In Regular Consuming Room,

There are a number of causes that your canine may select to sprint and dine fairly than dine and sprint, and for essentially the most half, it’s in all probability not your fault. Canine, like people, can have all types of quirks when consuming, particularly if they’re uncomfortable, pressured, or anxious.

The excellent news is that there are some issues you might be able to deal with and steps you possibly can take to cut back the possibilities that you just’ll be strolling on a crumb-covered rug after each meal.

Test The Bowl

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The very first thing you must do is rule out the apparent: is there an issue with the precise bowl, itself? Your canine’s bowl could also be soiled and filled with off-putting smells, particularly if it held some meals that your canine didn’t like not too long ago.

Attempt washing your canine’s bowl and see if that makes it extra interesting.

Plastic bowls and bowls which are cracked or broken additionally are inclined to harbor micro organism, even when washed. These micro organism could also be inflicting your canine to show his nostril, too, so it is perhaps time to switch the bowl with a brand new one which isn’t damaged or fabricated from plastic.

Simply FYI, there are many causes plastic isn’t your best option for a canine bowl, so hold that in thoughts.

Watch your canine when he takes meals from the bowl, and take note of the tags on his collar. Do they clink in opposition to the bowl when he tries to eat? In the event that they do, the noise could trouble or frighten him.

You would attempt eradicating his collar throughout dinner time; simply keep in mind to place it again on afterward. You may additionally wish to attempt a bowl made out of a much less noisy materials. A ceramic bowl could also be a more sensible choice than metallic, for instance.

Select An Straightforward Serving Floor

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If the bowl isn’t the problem, the floor that your canine stands on whereas consuming could also be the issue. Some canine have bother gaining traction on arduous, clean surfaces such as you would often discover in a kitchen. The rug could present firmer footing.

I’ve seen this particularly with senior canine who could have a little bit of arthritis, because it takes loads of effort for them to cease their paws from sliding out from beneath them whereas they bend all the way down to eat.

You could wish to attempt placing your canine’s bowl on or subsequent to a rug or mat that received’t slide. I did this for one in every of my senior canine who had bother standing whereas consuming. He had a a lot simpler time consuming on the rug, and since the bowl was proper there, he wasn’t spilling crumbs far and wide.

Instincts Kick In

In case your canine doesn’t have a difficulty with the bowl or the ground, the drawback may very well be one thing instinctual. Within the wild, canines hunt and eat in packs. With a view to keep away from fights, some canine take their portion of the kill away from different dominant pack members to keep away from preventing.

Your canine could not have a purpose to assume you’re going to battle him for his meals, however he might simply act on intuition. When you’ve got different canine in the home, he may additionally really feel a direct sense that he has to guard his meals from rivals.

Attempt giving your canine his personal protected area to eat with none people or different animals current. He could really feel much less pressured throughout dinner time. 

Lonely Canine Need To Eat With Buddies

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It’s additionally vital to concentrate to when your canine is consuming in one other room. Does he solely deliver his meals to the opposite room when his people are there? If that’s the case, he could wish to simply be along with his household and really feel lonely if he’s the one one within the kitchen.

He could really feel a little bit of separation nervousness and wish to be part of the pack. Attempt staying along with your canine within the kitchen whereas he eats, or simply take into account shifting his bowl to the room the place your human household is spending time.

So, F.I.N.E. D.I.N.E.R., understanding why your canine feels the necessity to have an out-of-bowl eating expertise could make it easier to take steps to ensure supper time is as stress-and-mess-free as potential.

Your canine will really feel extra snug, as will your ft now that they’re not stepping on bits of half-chewed pet food.

Does your canine take their meals out of the bowl to eat? How do you make your canine really feel snug throughout dinner time? Tell us within the feedback beneath, and go away any questions you will have for Dear Labby!

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