VuuzleTV Has Released A New Series Of Movie Documentaries


Vuuzle TV is a free streaming TV service specialized with live and on-demand content. Vuuzle offers a collection of live channels movies and TV shows with no subscription fees. VuuzleTV will only get better with time now that the company is connected and rubbing elbows with major network partners and broadcasters.

A new series of documentaries has been released with tons of new subjects and different things watch and enjoy. Here are a few titles that you can find, along with many more others to choose from on VuuzleTV.

Flavours Of Greece – Athens, The Cyclades And Kalymnos

Starting in the capital city of Athens, Charlie checks out the new Acropolis museum before heading out to the Cyclades and Sporades Islands. In this archipelagic episode we join the sponge divers of Kalymnos for a journey to the bottom of the sea where Charlie enjoys underwater canapés. Next it’s off to bask on the black sands of Santorini before finishing our journey on the uber-chic party island of Mykonos.



Treasures Of The Lost Pharaohs

Discover three dimensions of the Egyptian history: the Old Kingdom – the golden age of the Pharaonic civilization, the end of ancient Egypt with the site of Balat, and the arrival of Arab Muslims in Egypt and the foundation of the city Cairo in its current contours



Claudio travels to Labuan Bajo, a small town that is the entrance to Komodo National Park, one of the seven wonders of the world, to meet the famous Komodo Dragon.



Underwater Life -5

Exploring with beauty and grace. Delicate sea horses, giant sharks and fishes of every shape and color. Breathtaking reefs, alive dancing light and shapeshifting octopuses. Take a glance into the amazing underwater world.



Volcanic Planet

Volcanoes are the most extreme, dramatic, and explosive forces of nature on our planet. Volcanoes have produced many of the most valuable minerals – and most of the arable soil on earth. Every day, they are exploding around the world. When the Yellowstone Super Volcano blows (and it is now 48,000 years overdue to do so), it will destroy most of life on North America. Award-winning filmmaker Peter Rowe has climbed and filmed 19 volcanoes, and tells the story of them, the adventures of climbing them, the people who live beside them, and the scientists who risk their lives to study them, in “Volcanic Planet”. He also convinces his climbing partner George Kourounis to get married (!?) on the exploding lip of one of them. Filmed in Congo, Iceland, Italy, Vanuatu, Hawaii, Tonga, Turkey, Guatemala, New Zealand, Costa Rica and under the Pacific Ocean, “Volcanic Planet” is a fast-paced high-voltage tour of the world’s most active smoking mountains.



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