What To Do If You Encounter A Wild Animal While Walking Your Dog


Australian Shepherd Facing off a California Ground Squirrel --- Image by © DLILLC/Corbis

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Going for a stroll along with your canine is an effective way to expertise nature, however wild animal encounters could make nature harmful. It’s essential to know the way to keep away from wild animal assaults whereas strolling your canine and what to do if an assault is unavoidable.

Generally, making noise and placing bells in your canine’s collar can alert wild animals to your presence and scale back the chance of confrontation. Carrying a weapon or repellent like bear spray is one other approach to defend your self and your canine from animal assaults.

Your method to a wild animal encounter will fluctuate relying on which animal you come throughout. Listed below are just a few animals you might encounter when strolling your canine and the way it’s best to deal with the state of affairs.

Raccoons, Opossums, And Different Small Mammals

Raccoon near Guadalupe, California.

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Smaller animals may not appear to be an enormous risk, however they will carry ailments and parasites that may severely hurt your canine. Raccoons specifically will be very nasty, and they’ll battle tooth and claw with canine in the event that they really feel the necessity to.

Many of those animals are nocturnal and can be extra frequent throughout evening time walks, although they are often energetic within the day time.

An opossum,commonly called possum, is displaying a fiercs snarl.

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These animals are unlikely to assault until they really feel cornered or are defending their younger.

Floodlights or high-powered flashlights will be efficient at scaring most nocturnal critters off. Loud noises and human voices additionally are inclined to frighten these animals.

Hold your canine on leash, as many canine have a prey drive and can assault, inflicting an animal to defend itself. Throwing one thing like a rock or stick may additionally frighten small animals away.

Be cautious, although. Be sure that the animal has an avenue of escape or they’ll really feel cornered and defend themselves aggressively. If your canine is attacked, use a stick, shovel, rake, or no matter object is readily available to place in between your pup and the animal to interrupt it up.

Take your canine to the vet immediately to verify for accidents and attainable ailments or infections which will have been unfold from the animal.

Snakes, Spiders, And Small, Venomous Critters

A yellow Labrador retriever chases a gopher snake.

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Snakes, scorpions, and spiders are pretty frequent in desert areas, and their bites and stings will be dangerous or lethal to your canine.

If you reside in an space the place these critters are frequent, it could be a good suggestion to practice your canine particularly to not assault them.

Keep on trails and keep away from bushes, tall grass, or rocks that would present shady areas the place these creatures may conceal.

Belle, a German short hair Pointer, finding and enjoying teasing a hognose snake- lightly despeckled

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If you encounter one among these venomous animals in your stroll, don’t make sudden actions. Again away slowly or take a large circle round it to keep away from disturbing the creature.

Hold a agency grip in your canine’s leash and hold them as calm as attainable.

If your canine will get bitten or stung, get to a vet shortly.

You may name the pet poison hotline at 855-764-7661 in case you’re in america. You could also be charged for the decision, but when your pet’s life is on the road, it’s value it.


Funny dog catches Bumblebee language. Dog black French bulldog. Bumblebee flies. Summer, city, green grass. Dog collar, leash. Language pink

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Bees are one of many many causes to maintain your ears open and concentrate whereas in your walks. The buzzing of a hive can often be heard earlier than you end up encountering a nest of offended bugs.

Bees are often discovered the place you’d anticipate them, particularly close to flowers and vegetation, in addition to water sources like swimming pools or hen baths. It’s a good suggestion to keep away from these in your walks.

A regular honeybee is unlikely to sting until its hive is disturbed, although Africanized bees are extra aggressive and have a tendency to nest in locations that European bees don’t.

Close-Up Of Bumblebee And Dog By Pink Flower Blooming Outdoors

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If you hear the sound of buzzing, head in the other way instantly. Keep away from making loud noise or letting your canine bark.

Fragrance, darkish clothes, and jewellery entice bees.

If a swarm assaults you, run and discover shelter instantly. Do not swat or crush bees, as they emit a scent that draws extra bees when they’re killed. Working into the wind can sluggish them down and offer you and your canine an opportunity to flee.

Do not leap into water. Africanized bees will wait so that you can come up for air and sting you once more.

The principle factor to deal with is getting indoors and taking shelter. As soon as inside, take away any stingers which will nonetheless be in your pores and skin or your canine’s pores and skin and search medical consideration instantly.


Coyote walking in an urban park

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Coyotes will be present in desert areas, forests, and even city areas because the cities develop into their pure habitats and supply rubbish as a meals supply.

Coyotes will be particularly harmful for pets left exterior in yards with out supervision, they usually’ve been identified to climb fences to assault canine, particularly smaller ones.

One of the simplest ways to cope with a coyote that’s following you and your canine on a stroll is to make loads of noise. Yelling and shouting tends to frighten them, and they’ll most certainly run off.

Some sources advocate carrying an air horn or different noise-making gadget for this objective.

A coyote roams a beach in downtown Vancouver. British Columbia, Canada.

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Coyotes could also be extra aggressive throughout breeding season in the event that they really feel their territory is threatened. This occurs between January and March.

If a coyote doesn’t instantly again down, hold eye contact. Do not run away. Maintain a jacket or backpack over your head and make your self look as huge as attainable. Slowly again away and transfer out of the realm.

If a coyote appears able to assault, throw rocks, sticks, or something readily available at it whereas yelling. Attempt to throw dust or sand at its eyes.

Hold your canine on leash with a agency grip as you progress away.


Brown bear relaxing on a log near a pond

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If you reside in an space the place bears are frequent, it’s best to put bells in your canine’s collar and continuously make noises to keep away from stunning animals.

If you do occur to see a bear in your stroll, shortly and quietly go away the realm with out operating. Bears can run at 30 miles per hour and can simply catch you.

If the bear has seen you, keep away from sudden actions and hold your canine calm as you head in the other way.

This female Alaskan Brown bear has two second year cubs and is searching alomg a river bank for Salmon. The Coho run is late this year and she is having no luck. She seems to be in poor condition, but her two 2 year old cubs were healthy, well fed, and very playful.

(Image Credit score: Getty Photos)

If the bear’s habits adjustments, communicate in a low, calm voice to let it know you might be human and transfer your arms. Ought to your encounter be at nearer vary, stand tall and make your self look as huge as attainable whereas talking in an assertive tone and backing away.

If the bear strikes in the direction of you, wave your arms and make noise. You can strive throwing an object on the bottom, because the bear might examine and offer you time to get away, however by no means throw meals.

A large adult black bear is leaning on his forearm, and drinking for a pond.

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Do you have to and your canine really be attacked, your greatest likelihood is to have bear spray on the prepared. Spray it at their nostril, eyes, and face.

Grizzlies might go away you alone in case you play useless, however your canine is unlikely to play alongside.

If you might be attacked by a black bear, battle again and be as loud as attainable.

Walking by bear nation makes bear spray a necessity, and it’s best to all the time have it on you in case you dwell in a spot the place bears are frequent.

Mountain Lions Or Wild Cats

Mountain Lion, Puma concolor, within city limits of Bozeman, Montana, USA

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Mountain lions will be discovered in lots of components of america, and lots of of these locations have climbing trails the place you might be strolling your canine. Making noise is essential in these areas, as most cougars can be scared off moderately than face a confrontation.

Bells in your canine’s collar can assist, together with you making frequent yells or different loud sounds.

Adult female cougar (Puma concolor), Alberta, Canada.

(Image Credit score: Getty Photos)

If you see a wild cat, give it house to retreat. Do not run, and if attainable, maintain your canine so they don’t run. Working can set off a cat’s intuition to deal with you as prey.

Stand tall and make your self look huge by elevating your arms or holding a jacket or backpack over your head. Discuss loudly and firmly, and don’t make eye contact as this may be seen as a problem.

Again away slowly. If you might be attacked, you have to battle again with any means essential. Most sources advocate carrying a weapon in mountain lion nation. If you shouldn’t have a weapon, use sticks, rocks, or no matter is readily available. Bear spray can be efficient.

An attacking mountain lion has already determined that it’ll threat harm to eat you or your canine, and combating again is your greatest likelihood at survival.


Dog Standing By Alligator

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Alligators are frequent in wetland areas and sometimes prey on smaller animals like pets for a meal. If you’re strolling your canine in an space the place alligators are identified to dwell, it’s essential that you just hold your canine on a brief leash and keep at the least 25 ft from the sting of any physique of water, together with ponds, man-made reservoirs, rivers, and lakes.

You also needs to be cautious of paths that go between two water sources, as alligators will be transferring over land between these areas.

Alligator on a golf course. Shallow DOF, with main focus on alligator.

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Alligator assaults are uncommon, although in mating season from Could to June, they develop into extra aggressive. They’re additionally extra more likely to assault if they’ve a nest close to by.

If an alligator costs at you or your canine, which is a uncommon incidence, run. Alligators principally hunt with quick bursts of pace close to the sting of the water.

Having a weapon or pepper spray might assist throughout an alligator assault, however it’s greatest to keep away from the water. If your canine is bitten, see a vet instantly as it’s more likely to get contaminated.


Siberian Husky And A Moose Calf Nose To Nose Over A Picket Fence, Wasilla, Southcentral Alaska, Winter

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Moose see canine as a risk and are sometimes stunned after they bark or chase. A few of them will exit of their approach to kick at canine.

It’s essential in case you ever see a moose to provide them a large berth and attempt to hold your canine calm in order to not disturb it. Hold your canine shut so that they don’t attempt to method the moose.

Throughout September and October, bull moose could also be extra aggressive, as that is mating season, whereas in spring, the females could also be extra able to assault as a way to defend their younger.

Dog And Moose On Snow Covered Field

(Image Credit score: Getty Photos)

A moose that approaches you is both in search of a meals handout or warning you to again away.

You ought to transfer again and attempt to discover something that you just and your canine can duck behind to get out of view. A tree, a automobile, a constructing, or something massive sufficient to maintain you out of sight will do.

If a moose costs, run. They often don’t chase for lengthy. Once more, discover one thing to duck behind to get out of sight.

What different harmful animals do you see throughout your canine walks? What do you do to keep away from conflicts? Tell us within the feedback beneath!

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