Facebook launches Gaming a new free cloud gaming service

Facebook launches Facebook Gaming a new free cloud gaming service Facebook today announced the launch of a new free cloud gaming service under the Facebook Gaming tab on Android and the web with a variety of new games. With this new tab, Facebook becomes the newest member in the world of cloud gaming, with a standalone service from the older cloud gaming providers such as Google and Amazon. But unlike most stand-alone cloud gaming services that require subscription fees, Facebook offers its new service as part of the Facebook app without any fees, and certainly with games different from other platforms.

Facebook launches a new free cloud gaming service

Facebook launches a new free cloud gaming service, and Facebook posted in its own blog: “We are pleased to announce today that the Facebook Gaming platform has launched many cloud games in the Facebook app and on the browser – and they can be played instantly, without the need to download them. Recently, we were able to attract 200,000 people to enjoy our cloud games per week in limited areas; And since it’s no longer a completely secret, we’d love to show you what we’re about to create. Jason Robin, Vice President of Games at Facebook, expressed through the post the company’s enthusiasm and its aspiration to expand in the future in the field of cloud gaming services in the long term, indicating that Facebook Gaming is the first step in this path. According to Facebook, this new service will be available in the same way that games are available on Facebook, whether from the Games tab or from the latest news.

Facebook Gaming is not available on iOS

The company clarified that this new service is not stand-alone, but rather part of the application. It also emphasized that it does not provide a complex service or requires special control units, but rather a suitable service for everyone that more than 380 million people around the world can enjoy. The Facebook Gaming service is not available on the iOS system, unfortunately, the Facebook cloud games service will not be available for iOS users, and the company explained that in its blog: “Unfortunately, we do not offer cloud games on the iOS system; Therefore, only Android and web players will enjoy the integrated Facebook cloud games while we work on alternate options for iOS. . And the company pointed to Apple’s domination and great control over cloud games, saying: “Even with the new policy of cloud games from Apple, we do not know if offering to the App Store is practical. “Apple deals with games differently, and continues to control a very valuable resource.” The Facebook gaming service is currently available within specific regions, the United States of America, in a trial version, and the company has confirmed that the new service will be available in other regions and countries to include all users.


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