Google will completely get rid of plastic in its phone boxes starting in 2025


Google will completely get rid of plastic in its phone boxes starting in 2025 The competition between smart phone developers in the United States is not limited to the devices they provide, but also extends to preserving the environment, as it is considered one of the most important promotional points that companies rely on because of the know-how and the high awareness that American citizens have towards this issue.

Google, and its contribution to preserving the environment, decided to move to completely dispense with any plastic materials in its phone boxes beginning in 2025. The American company already relies on a lot of cardboard in the process of packaging, but it still relies on some plastic such as parts for wrapping the connections, The charger and the external packaging of the phone and the box, which is what Google aims to get rid of by 2025. Google is also seeking to rely more on recycled plastics and on materials that can be recycled to represent 50% of the materials used in the manufacture of its products by 2025. The American company has already confirmed that the latest Pixel phones Likewise, Nest devices were made entirely from recycled materials, with the percentage of recycled plastic at last reaching 70%. Google, in parallel to its previous efforts, is trying to obtain UL 2799 certification, which indicates that the company does not produce any waste that is thrown into garbage bins because it is recycled and used again.


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