m the face is i mean just really really matted so i mean look at that the teeth are pretty bad also so i have gloves on everything will be disinfected before my next client comes in the table whatever clipper blades i i use and so we’re going to get started i’m just going to go with a 10 [Applause] because that’s probably what we’re gonna need get this girl stripped um get the coat off and then get her in the bath so tin blade okay but look at that so i just wanna give you guys a good look at what we’re gonna be getting rid of this should be a pretty good video come here girl you gotta turn this way this dog is very greasy

looking for fleas as i do this um there’s no fleas but there’s definitely something going on with the skin so i will be using medicated shampoo on this dog i mean you can tell with the tail and stuff that it’s itchy guys if you’re in the state of oklahoma and you’re willing to travel and you’ve got a dog that’s just in bad shape because you can’t afford to to groom it let me know please like i am willing to help now i don’t want people you know letting their dogs go just so they can get a free groom that is pure neglect there’s a difference between just pure neglect and neglect because you can’t afford you know it’s different don’t make your dog go through suffering just because you want a free groom that’s ridiculous what kelby press go over and press the other one so you can see this dander this is what i’m

talking about when i’m talking about dander and skin flakes breathing that stuff in you have no idea what that is and if you’re a groomer and you don’t wear a mask you’re sitting there breathing that stuff in oh boy are you asking for trouble you have got to wear a mask if you’re going to be a groomer so what this this first groom pre groom is to do is just to get all of the mats and stuff off then we’ll bathe her really well and then we’ll get her finished with the final groom you’re okay you’re okay i have all my free groom clients sign a different agreement than the regular um it just states that they know that these grooms will be videoed and definitely uploaded to youtube easy you’re okay you’re okay girl yeah i wouldn’t like that either um her private area is matted that’s why she’s moving like that it’s painful she doesn’t like it okay so i’m just going to had some questions about how

do you not cut the nipples um guys if you’re pressing so hard that you’re nicking your dog’s nipples you’re pressing way way too hard girl you’re making me so nervous okay get this done up here it’s pretty matted in there have another dog coming in pretty soon so just trying to get this dog stripped down you’re okay [Music] what nope in a minute [Music] guys she just ate it’s only 10 15. she just finished her breakfast she’ll be all right okay well wait an hour and then i’ll give you lunch let me get this dog done and then i’ll give you lunch easy so the reason i’m switching my blades is blades get hot from this piece going back and forth oil is not going to keep the temperature low so you have to change your blades to make sure that it’s not getting so hot that it’s burning the dog that’s what it’s called clipper burn you’re okay buddy don’t get off as much of this as possible so when you’re working with the face you want to make sure your blade’s not hot so there’s a difference between cutting a dog with a short blade and you know needing to use a blade shorter than usual to get down under a mat i will never shave a dog shorter than a tin unless it is needed because there is severe matting i don’t want people to get that confused with that poodle video i did stating that a 15 is just too short to use because it is a 15 is too short to use on a normal groom now if i come across any mats on this dog that require me to go down to a 15 then that’s because it’s necessary so i’m going to do some reverse in here just to loosen some of that up just to get some of that loosened up and then easy you’re okay easy we’ll put her back on the loop since i already did around her neck just so she doesn’t fall off the table you have got to be careful when you’re doing ears his ears are going to have to be really thoroughly easy thoroughly cleaned just do what you can without freaking out the dog there is a significant mat on this ear okay that was on the dog’s ear and i want to keep let you guys know that this stinks to the point a lot of people would puke i’ve just it helps to have a mask on but it’s pretty bad because once these mats get wet with you know saliva or water whatever it may be they they don’t fully dry all the way and they just end up stinking are you gonna talk buddy you talking now there’s a husky in that cage i don’t know i’m gonna go down to a 15 just to be safe around the the eyes and stuff she doesn’t like it um but we’ve got to get it done easy you’re okay easy easy oh

sorry guys that breath is okay i’m gonna have to go down to a 30 blade that’s as low as i’ll go on a face yeah she doesn’t like it guys it’s painful you’re okay you’re okay easy girl okay come here you’re okay you’re okay you’re okay easy i gotta get this mat off guys okay i’ve got to get this off i think she’s just old she doesn’t understand what’s going on um the blade is not hot hey she just bit me it didn’t hurt just a little little bite but i really need to get this little bit off right here sit all right i had a price inquiry okay so now i’m going to show you guys the teeth after i get this trimmed so here’s the teeth very very sorry guys man all right this is tin blade almost done and then we can get her in the bath you’re okay girl guys you have to remember that getting these mats being able to get under the mats sometimes is painful because you’re having to pull a little bit to get underneath the mat so this is was an entire mat and i don’t i don’t agree with y’all judging the clients like you have no idea what their home situation is you have no idea what their financial situation is you have no idea if they just went and got this dog and they rescued this dog and they’re

bringing it in you know you never know a client’s situation i don’t try to ever judge them because you know i don’t i don’t like people judging me and especially my kid but that’s on a different note um hey easy but you can’t sit there and say oh there that’s neglect yeah it is neglect but you don’t know their situation probably gonna have to go down to a 15 for that leg right there so everything right here is what i’ve used i’ll disinfect it um when i get done bathing her because after the bath she’ll be clean easy girl i know i know it’s it’s pretty bad you’re okay i know i know you’re okay on the the poodle that was so matted people are like oh your clippers are dull or you need to get new clipper blades or you know but guys that’s not the case this is so matted to the skin that i can’t get in there to get underneath it it’s not it has nothing to do with my blades not being sharp or me needing new clippers it’s strictly because this is a 30 blade because this is so matted that my

clippers can’t get between the mat and the skin  i know girl it’s pretty bad there we go [Music] in a minute okay just gonna take this 30 blades just to get the rest of that off because this is pretty matted up here too you’re okay girl hey okay um she’s not gonna like this so i am going to muzzle her wash this muzzle when we get done because i’m going to have to do her ears and her feet and i can guarantee that she’s not going to like it because i’m probably gonna have to do clean feet on her feet take this ear powder and i’ll get the rest of her ear when she gets out of the bath what i can’t get with the gloves i know girl we gotta get this cleaned out though you’re okay it’s okay girl there is hair far down in there easy easy hey okay i’ll get the rest out i’ll flush her ears before the bath in the bathtub and then um get the rest of the hair out after the bath so i’m gonna get these mats out of these feet hmm uh  girl you’re okay

kill me you’re gonna have to wait a minute guys i promise she just ate all right so i’m going to get her in the bath take the ear cleaner with us flush her ears oh that is oh crap i forgot to clean this up guys i gotta clean this up real quick and then i will bathe her all right got that mess cleaned up okay so first things first just going to bathe her with regular shampoo just to get the dirt and stuff off just also just let those skin cells soak for a minute um i noticed her feet had a lot of dirt in them so i’m just going to spray them and let them soak them in it okay okay so while we’re here i’m going to spray the ear cleaner in the ears never do this with anything but dog ear cleaner do not do this with water don’t do anything like that so you can see there’s quite a bit of dirt in there and it will just loosen all that up so after the bath will be able to get in there and get it out take the gloves off when we’re at the bath because i’m essentially washing i don’t feel any anal glands that’s weird okay so what i’m gonna do is i have this shampoo guys if your dog has yeast or is flaking or you know get this it’s mycohexidine and it’s got an antifungal and antibacterial helps relieve symptoms associated with bacterial and fungal infections um you can find i found that on the i believe it was groomers choice yeah it was groomers choice she definitely has

something going on on her belly as far as bacteria or yeast or something so what i’m going to do is i’m going to lather her entire body with this stuff you do not want to dilute this this is not a dilute shampoo just get it everywhere and then anywhere there’s a problem area like her stomach or wherever you want to take a brush or something just to work it in a little better okay it will just work it in better see her moving her leg that tells me that there’s definitely something going on down here bacterial or something so we just want to get what we can yeah there’s definitely and i’m gonna rinse her one time just to get any flaking or anything that might be on there and then i’ll do one more coat of the shampoo and i’m gonna let it sit on there for 10 minutes yes guys a full 10 minutes you have got to let the medicine in these shampoos work allow shampoo to be absorbed for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly so just going to apply this again rinse my hands and then

i’m just going to play on my phone while she sits here for 10 minutes all right guys she has sat here for about eight-ish minutes so i’m just going to go ahead and bathe her again with the bathing system okay it’s okay it’s heating it’s in the microwave okay so then i’m gonna rinse her and then we’ll get her in the cage dryer i need to use some pressure cleaner this is just tearless blueberry facial cleaner this is literally all they do guys when you go to somewhere and you tell them i want a i want the blueberry facial or they ask you do you want the blueberry facial this is literally all they’re doing is just putting blueberry scented tearless [Music] shampoo on their face and rinsing it off that’s it and i know some places charge ten dollars for that that is ridiculous so i’m gonna get her in the cage dryer get my daughter her lunch heat my lunch and then i have a dog coming in that should be here any minute it’s ready just just a minute kelby kelby put those orange peels in your container

okay just do this and we’re gonna put her in here and then i gotta disinfect all this before i can do my next dog are you dry buddy all right guys we’re going to finish this girl won’t take very long you can see how healthy her skin looks now there’s no more of that flakiness on it uh wow no one thing i have not done yet on this dog is trim the nails we’ll have to do that that should be interesting um just going to lift her up get her belly done okay i’m just going to use nail clippers on this dog with the way she’s reacted i’m not really sure how she’d do with the dremel so easy girl easy hey you’re okay easy easy hey hey  girl easy quit she’s just pulling girl no no i mean look these nails are crossed like they’re

part of the reason why she’s doing this is this is not high enough you have got to put your loop high enough so they are not moving all around like that so now it’s high enough it’s not choking her she’s got enough room but it’s high enough where she can’t be all over the table nope not doing that [Music] i’ve had people suggest putting a loop around their waist guys that is so incredibly dangerous you do not want to do that if the dog goes one direction or something happens it can cause internal bleeding it can cause internal damage you don’t want to do that i know there’s a lot of things that people suggest that don’t really understand the consequences of doing such a thing but you’ve got to really think about what you’re suggesting so if anyone ever comments something that i know is dangerous i delete the comment because i don’t agree with it it’s dangerous [Music] is [Music] okay so i’m just going to take the tin blade and go all the way around the feet take my scissors trim the feet up see there’s something going on there it looks like some something from matting there’s something there skin condition so in my client agreement it just states that when we do mad it may uncover certain medical situations and that the owner is responsible for that because it’s their dog you know if i uncover that this dog has a gaping wound you

know it’s not my fault that the dog has a gaping womb from the mats you know i’m not talking about i cut the dog and there’s a gaping womb yeah that’s my responsibility but if the dog is matted and underneath the mat i find a gaping wound that’s on the owners that’s the owner’s responsibility to take that dog to the vet because it’s was a direct injury from the actual matting not my grooming you’re okay i have to go pick up our mail today they called me and said that there’s 20 packages it’ll be before this video comes out easy you’re okay girl girl hey you’re okay .

okay the process oh okay gonna switch blades and do the head and neck and then we’ll get this dog home sit no you’re making me nervous quit love me too as soon as i’m done with the dog that’s drying you heard me so when a dog is really jumpy doesn’t like their face you know by their mouth messed with you just got to do the best you can and let the owners know hey i did the best i can but i couldn’t continue because it could have caused injury to the dog or myself and 99 percent of the time owners are understanding glasses are fogging up but you can see there’s injury there’s peeling down here that’s because the skin has not been able to breathe so it’ll take a while for that to heal you just got to do the

best that you can do and you have got to communicate with your clients if something is wrong with the dog let them know if you can’t do something on the dog because xyz then let them know do not ever try to hide anything you know from your client because you’re not going to be successful at it they know their dog better than you do and [Music] so this is why i flush the ears so you can see all that dirt in there that we need to get out we’ll get that out in a minute this dog’s breath is so incredibly bad okay so i’m not going to do anything else by that mouth because the dog is trying to bite he

doesn’t like it she doesn’t like it quit i gotta get by your ear and i’m not going to risk injury so if i can i’ll trim it with scissors and if i can’t be successful with scissors then i won’t do it i’m not going to risk injury for a dog to look 100 percent um i’m just not it’s dangerous and it’s not good practice you know i don’t know about you but i wouldn’t want a doctor to do something on me and them know that they could potentially you know mess me up permanently or you know leave a permanent injury on me i wouldn’t want them to continue i would want them to say hey i’m not comfortable doing this you know what i mean like it’s the same thing yeah they’re dogs but they’re people’s babies so like with the around these eyes i’ll just trim them the best i can with scissors because the dog will let me by its mouth with the scissors too so we’ll just trim the best we can with the scissors okay and i’ll just let the owner know hey you know that’s the best i could do the dog didn’t want me by its face with the clippers and i can only do so much with the scissors so i’m gonna take right now i’m gonna take four q-tips and just clean out this dog’s ears look at that oh hey oh my goodness you guys know i got to get these ears clean [Music] so these ears are bad bad bad bad okay that right there is why i leave the loop so tight because if the dog steps off they can get back on um hey stop pulling you’re pulling you’re pulling just gonna get some more real quick we’re gonna do this other side and then she’ll be done i know i know girl all right so take this muzzle off and get a bandana and then she’ll be done this is a free groom so they’re you know if i was to do this dog and they were paying me um i would probably charge 85 80 85 usually this dog would be 55 so i would charge 25 to 30 extra for taking the matting off and and grooming it so there’s what she looks like guys she looks good um there’s a little bit right there so you know it doesn’t look 100 but i did what i can safely and that’s what she looks like she’s gonna feel a hundred times better there is some around the eyes the hair that i wish i could get a little closer to but she won’t let me with the clippers

and i don’t want to risk you know blinding her with accidentally poking her with scissors so that’s what she looks like that’s what she looks like guys she looks 100 times better check out the links down below there’s our wish lists are down below the non-profit that helps the homeless their wish list down is down below and anything that is bought off of that wish list is shipped directly to the non-profit um everything i use is linked down below in the amazon storefront and um the bathing system and nozzle is also linked down below it is toward the bottom near the shipping address so thanks guys for watching and i’ll see you next time.