Corgi UNDERCOAT REMOVAL & Haircut VERY Cute Groom


good morning guys it’s mary beth with rovers makeover today i have a corgi um we are going to have to do an undercoat removal and then the haircut because if we don’t get the undercoat out and we try to give the dog a haircut of the length that they want it’s not going to work it’s going to be super choppy and the blade is not going to be able to go through it they want about half off if possible we’ll see what we can do but i have to get all the undercoat out first if you guys are new here i have a special bathing system called save your fur here is what it looks like save your fur bathing system but when us groomers buy soap it comes concentrated concentrated 32-1 so we have to dilute it in water so i have a five gallon bucket here i dilute it in water and it sucks it up through the tube and then it

Shower System

comes out clean water um so i’m not having to wet the dog you know pump soap and then lather the dog and then rinse and if you have a super super dirty dog you’d have to do that three four maybe even six times to be able to get the dog clean with the bathing system you have continuously clean soapy water going over the dog washing away the dirt so the bathing time is cut drastically down and with the special nozzle on the system you can get underneath the undercoat and it shoots it out with the water pressure so let’s get started so first things first i am just going to let this water heat up a little bit i’m going to just get her wet first and then i’m going to use conditioner guys i’ve i have re i’ll repeat myself over and over again i do not skimp on products if you are skimping on products you should not be a groomer um if you know yesterday i did a dog and it took half a gallon of soap i mean half a gallon of conditioner but the dog came out and it looked great and it didn’t have to
be shaved because i was able to remove the undercoat um again it does not matter what sorry guys i just had someone come in like like they can just walk in so i may have to pause this in a minute and it’s my next door neighbor and it says clear as day do not enter so just going to remember what i was talking about that distracted me so bad i’m not just gonna take walk-ins i don’t care if you’re my business neighbor or not i don’t do walk-ins especially right now with covid i don’t remember what i was talking about but i’m gonna get all this wet um back in here i’ll have to do a really good sanitary um because it looks like it could be infected so i’m just gonna get her all wet that really messed up my mojo sorry guys i remember what i was talking about anyway turn that water off and then just
going to and i hate that people think they’re i don’t know more privileged than other people like i have a sign clear as day on my door that says do not enter and it says if you’re here for an appointment then to call me text me and i hate when people think they’re so much better than other people that they can just walk in here you know and i’ve told people i said i’m sorry but the sign says you can’t be in here and you know i’ve made some people mad but i’ve got to take care of myself and my daughter first so we just pull this out and it makes a stronger stream and we’re just gonna get under here and get all this undercoat out that we can it doesn’t matter the shampoo or conditioner you use as long as it’s made for dogs it’s not the conditioner or shampoo that is making this do this because i can do this with nothing on the dog and it’ll still come out the conditioner helps loosen helps
loosen it but it doesn’t make it come out it’s the nozzle that does the job quickly oh resources now [Music] y’all i did not hear a word she just said because of this so this girl came in with her brother but i know she’s gonna take longer to dry so i’m doing her first oh oh yeah i think she walked in and was like oh no she’s recording um and i hate to say this i hope they don’t watch my channel but they’re not the nicest speakers when the when the company was up here doing the floor the the lady from the floor company called me and said that the lady next door just griped her out and was just hateful and was cussing and just was not pleasant and i believe it because you know i i don’t like hating on people but or telling people how to run a business but i’ve only been over there once or twice and had a conversation conversation with them and every time i go over there the male owner is just cussing every other word and i’m not talking you
know like the mild cuss words i’m talking about the big ones every other word um and if you’ve you know never dealt with a customer and you’re cussing at them um i don’t i don’t know how they stay open but okay so i’m going to switch this to soap real quick and just bathe her real quick that’ll also help loosen some of this hair because it’ll be clean see so i have continuously clean and it’s it’s really bad matted sorry guys i gotta really make sure to get this private area back here because it’s very inflamed and looks infected all right just going to bathe her whoa whoa whoa okay so she’s clean um i will do her face when i rinse her but it’ll help loosen some of that this turning it back to rance i’m just very quickly going to rinse her i don’t have to get it all off because i’m gonna do conditioner again real quick okay conditioner again um quite a bit back here just because that’s it’s a really bad spot i can feel where the matting is a little bit of water building just cleaning out the uh drain
because it’ll get more in there we’ll clean it out when we’re done with her channel uh shorty shorty so you can see when i put that conditioner on it it was able to help get all that out much just okay i’m just going to turn her and do this other side now yes i’ve got to make sure that i get all of this undercoat out because if i don’t the final cut it’ll be really really choppy um and that’s what happened last time it was choppy so that’s why i’m focusing so much on certain areas come here come here and this the main area is right here on the chest around the neck so i’ll take the loop off and do that in a minute okay so i’m going to take this loop off use my hands take this off just dilute it a little bit rinse my hands let’s go uh go put that up now put it up i always do that try to turn the dryer off with that so you can see by blowing her with the high velocity dryer it got all this other hair out so i’m going to put her in the cage dryer get her drying and then i’m going to come back and show you guys what do i do what i do to clean all this up
before i can bathe the next dog all right i do what i do for a reason there’s been quite a few comments about why do you charge extra for undercoat removal oh that’s not labor intensive or that’s not time intensive whatever you obviously have never groomed a day in your life if you’re saying that so all this hair down here i have to sweep up all this hair i have to rinse off i have to take these out and get the hair off i have to clean the bathtub get the hair out of the drain so i’m going to show you guys what i do i’ve done this in some other videos if you don’t want to watch this feel free skip ahead and you can watch me grooming the dog but i have to rinse all this off have to rinse all this off this is this so i have to put down two towels one towel is for the grates these things when i get them out and the other one is going to be for the bottles in here once i rinse them off i’m going to get them out of here so let’s see it’s 9 34. let’s see how long it takes me to get all this
clean before i can start bathing my next dog unclip this i’m gonna rinse this off i’m gonna undo this one and bring it over here and you can see how just how much water it’s holding because there’s hair down in here i’m just going to take this hair out and there’s going to be more hair and more hair put this down there and there will just be continuous hair but i have to clean it out for it to drain okay so i’m just going to rinse all this off and sew this off okay i have to rinse this off get all this hair off some people suggested you know that i take these apart and do that that’s great um but it actually takes more time to have to put them together and stuff because they’re a pain in the butt and i still have not found a different system that i like better than these so i’m just going to clean these off the best i can get all the hair out that i can see this can’t go past a certain point or it’ll start leaking out the door so i got to keep this the drain clear but it’s going to continue to fill up because i’ve got the
water going okay so same thing gonna rinse these the best i can rinse all this off go to the next one okay rinse it off there dry you guys off because i’m wet you guys are probably wet okay and i just keep doing it if you didn’t have this bathing system i have no idea how you would get all this hair off like this system i don’t like it if these holes were bigger it would be so much easier to clean like if they were if this middle part was cut out  so okay that turn this water off and clear the drain again see all that hair so i just sit here and i just twirl my finger around it and it the hair collects on my finger so the water can go down because even though you can’t you can see this black hair but you can’t really see the the light hair from the dog i just did but it just allows it to drain and once all this hair is out i will do a flush of my drain even though i have a strainer some hair is still going to get down in there like all this there’s hair still so now that that’s draining i’m just going to go through and i’m just going to rinse everything one more time because there’s still a lot of hair in here i’m just going to stand back here and just shoot it all that way if you guys don’t want to watch this you can skip ahead just like i said i love how people complain about my videos are too
long who would watch a video that long well they make this thing called the fast forward button you can slide the bar okay so essentially ouch let this drain down a little bit more we’re going to just pick up this hair that was on my finger and put it in there then this is my strainer it catches all most of the hair so here’s what i do turn it all the way hot and then pull it all the way out and i just shoot it through for a good 30 seconds okay and that’s it now it’s clean um usually i would have to put those back together put them back in here but my next dog is a big dog so i’ll just put them in here in the bottom but when that corgi’s done we’ll finish her and it took me almost 10 minutes to get all that clean that’s why i charge extra and not to mention i haven’t even cleaned this stuff up so i still have to vacuum this and i still have to wipe the floor off from the excess water all right first things first i have a 30 blade this improves traction for the dog and decreases the
chance of matting ah okay now what i’m gonna do is take my brush and just brush her out just get all those loose hairs out see so so i’m going to take a 15 blade and do this sanitary real quick um private parts looked a little infected when i was cleaning them so first we’re going to do around the anus and then i’m just going to carry it all the way down and i really really want to clean this up down here nope okay so you can see it looks clean but then when we open this there’s definitely something going on in there you can see it’s got some pus so i just want to clean this up the best i can and then i will let the owners know hey there’s something going on down there um because if it was healthy down here it
wouldn’t have all that pus looking stuff in there and i washed it the best i could but they’re probably gonna have to take her to the vet so i’m going to put a 30 blade back on here and then i’m going to do a whatever this is 5 8. they wanted about half off maybe a little more than half but it’s good had we not gotten the undercoat out we would have not been able to do this at all it wouldn’t be able to go through it would look very very very choppy choppier than it’s gonna look so um so so wow so [Music] so it’s probably going to be a little choppy it’s always a little choppy on this dog it doesn’t matter how much i back brush or whatever just because it is a double coated dog and when you cut a double coated dog to this length it’s not always going to be non-choppy just because you’re cutting into the middle of a coat they have two coats and you’re cutting in the middle of one of them so that’s why it looks like that this in here is not dry and it’s got hair in it that needs to be
brushed out so see all that hair that’s in there now so okay take my scissors i’m just going to trim this the best i can so [Music] gonna do the best i can but it’s not gonna look 100 just because of the coat okay i’m gonna turn her do this other side so [Music] um um uh so uh um so all right guys so i’m just trimming up anything that i’ve missed  i’m just going to trim this by hand hey guys i promise she’s not starving and i know some people have commented that oh no wonder she’s she’s hungry all the time because you don’t feed her and she’s got feeding issues feed her guys she has got to learn she’s about to go to school she has got to learn that she cannot eat whenever she wants she’s going to have to eat when everybody else eats and just like you know the rest of us we eat breakfast lunch and dinner and it’s not lunch time yet i give her plenty to eat she still has some of her breakfast left that she chose not to eat if she was
hungry she could finish her breakfast but she doesn’t want to she also has been waking up way too early because she’s been sleeping in my bed with me co-sleeping and she’s gonna have to go back in her bed because this morning she got up at five o’clock we don’t get up till seven so that’s another reason why she’s having a meltdown is because she didn’t get enough sleep last night okay so here’s what we’re gonna do you sit i’m gonna take this off and we’re just going to go around the neck and i’ve also had some people say oh well stop recording and take care of your daughter guys i take care of her all day long the only time when she wants my attention is when i’m recording because that’s what kids do they want your attention when you’re doing something so she likes to throw fits when i’m recording [Music] because i’m recording because she doesn’t have my attention anymore [Music] you know there’s always more to the picture than what people see i just want to clarify all that stop i heard you you can have your lunch when i’m done with this dog i would like my lunch too but i have to finish this dog first so they can go home okay put this loop back around her neck kelby i need you to turn that down please that’s too loud turn it down
please some more please okay that’s good thank you so you can see how much better that easier that comes off when there’s not a lot of undercoat that you have to go through that it’s getting stuck on [Music] is a little trickier with corgis because their legs only bend so far um so i’m when i’m trying to trim them up [Applause] so [Applause] okay so we’re just going to trim this up this hair is so thick it’s hard to cut it it’s not my scissors guys it’s
just so thick it’s like uh okay doesn’t look 100 but it’s a heck of a lot better than it was so all i’m gonna do is just trim this up a little bit so it doesn’t look so rough um put my mask on check the nails real [Applause] quick [Applause] [Music] so so looking to see if i had a plastic one this long but i don’t it’s not lunch time yet nope did you eat everything okay well get let me finish this dog and then i’ll give you a lunch okay no the dietitian said you need to eat real food no you’re not going to get it by whining no you cannot stop girl you’re okay yeah and as soon as i’m done with this dog
ah [Applause] um okay i’m gonna turn her one more time to come over here so i did see that this needs to be trimmed up a little bit more all right that is pretty much as good as it’s gonna get um it’s rough to do a double-coated dog when you’re not shaving it completely down with like a seven or ten um it’s not going to look as smooth as it should so hey shorty all right so thanks guys for watching if you don’t know i am doing a project oh i forgot a bandana to help the homeless and with your guys’s help i have already this
season have already been able to make over 80 homeless over 80 bags for the homeless they include food and drinks so also making sanitary hygiene kits for females with seven pads seven tampons a pair of underwear and a mini pack of wipes if you guys financially are available to help with that the link is down below it’s under it’s called our wish list down below also if you guys have not heard i have to take my daughter to the mayo clinic because she was just diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and the doctors down here are not doing much to help us