How to feed Shirazi cats

How to feed Shirazi cats
How to feed Shirazi cats

How to feed Shirazi cats, the favorite food of Shirazi cats at home, today we present to you a new topic about eating the favorite Shirazi cats at home, as many people are looking to eat Shirazi cats.

How to feedShirazi cats

Because eating Shirazi cats always causes great confusion for all cat lovers, and for everyone who keeps cats, especially people who are new to cat breeding.

What is the favorite food of Shirazi cats at home?

  • And it is not very easy, because usually many Persian cats refuse to eat normal household meals, and this causes great confusion.
  • People who own Persian cats are also worried, especially if they have no experience in raising cats.
  • With the high prices of dry food, ie dry food for cats, there has been interest in some cat food recipes.
  • Those that are prepared at home and the recipes are easy to prepare, with simple and delicious recipes that the Shirazi cats will love.

How to feed Shirazi cats

  • All breeders of Shirazi cats wonder what do Shirazi cats eat, and is Shirazi cat food limited to bones and fish, this is a wrong belief about cats.
  • Because cat food should be varied and contain a lot of substances, as protein, carbohydrates and bones are broken in the wall of the cat’s stomach.
  • Therefore, it is not a favorite food at all.
  • And all cat breeders want to know what cats eat from home-cooked food, cat meals can very well get us into innovation.
  • We also prepare delicious recipes that cats will love, so today we present some recipes that are characterized as simple cat food.
  • It is also inexpensive and simply made at home.
  • The next paragraph in this topic will be about the favorite food of Shirazi cats at home, and how to make Shirazi cat food and make the meal healthy.
How to feed Shirazi cats
How to feed Shirazi cats

Recipes for Persian cat food at home

Fish eggs and rice meal

  • Fish, rice, and eggs is one of the most popular Persian cat food in the home.
  • The Fish meal is the most popular food for cats in general.
  • At the same time, this meal we offer contains eggs and rice, which play a major role in the growth process of cats.
  • It also provides the Persian cat with the proteins necessary for the health of the Persian cat.

Salmon meal for cats

  • Smoked salmon is one of the most favorite foods of Shirazi cats in the house, which is very loved by cats.
  • It is also one of the most delicious meals for Persian cats.
  • It should be noted that a lot of salmon in cat food is not preferred, because salmon contains some heavy metals.

Eating pregnant Persian cats and after birth

  • To make the favorite Shirazi cat food at home for the pregnant cat.
  • You should also provide the Persian cat with sufficient food and protein.
  • And you can easily make sure that the amount of food is sufficient or not, by noticing the droppings of the pregnant Persian cat. And when preparing to eat the favorite Shirazi cats at home, the droppings can be observed.
  • If the cat’s droppings are a lot while she is pregnant, this indicates the abundance and sufficiency of the food provided to her.
  • But if the pregnant cat does not excrete well or much less than normal.
  • This means that the nutrition of pregnant Persian cats is weak, and needs a change in quality and quantity.
  • Attention should also be given to giving the pregnant Persian cat food supplements and proteins. Where some veterinarians have indicated that giving cats adequate vitamins and nutritional supplements.