How to raise cats for beginners

How to raise cats for beginners
How to raise cats for beginners

How to raise cats for beginners, tips for raising a kitten at home for the first time, caring, adopting and caring for a kitten; As a pet, follow the following lines to learn how to raise cats for beginners.

How to raise cats for beginners


When buying a cat, it must be provided with appropriate nutrition, whether specialized food that can be purchased from pet stores, or providing meat, white cheese and milk to it.

The pillow

Cats like to sleep on a pillow; You should provide one for her so that she is comfortable and does not resort to sleeping next to you on the bed at night.

Kitchen contents

Flour and milk should be kept in a place that is difficult for cats to reach; Because this is one of the things that cats always mess with and can easily spoil.

How to raise cats for beginners
How to raise cats for beginners

The vet

It is supposed to monitor the health of the cat once purchased in order to protect it from diseases.

In addition, there are several vaccinations that the cat must receive to be safe from diseases, such as HIV.


A sandbox must also be provided; Because it is the cat’s toilet, as the cats like to have sand in which to urinate.

But the cat can be trained later to enter the regular toilet, and until that happens, the litter and the box must be provided, instead of spoiling the smell of the house.

Take a shower

The cat must be cleaned permanently so that “fleas” do not appear in the undercoat, and then transmitted to the children by playing with it and touching it.

In order to keep the cat clean, it must be bathed 3 times a week in the summer, while in the winter it is only once a week.

Ball of string

It is best to provide a ball of string for the cat So that he plays with it instead of pulling on household items and furnishings for fun.