Types of Persian cat food

Types of Persian cat food
Types of Persian cat food

Types of Persian cat food, Shirazi cats cause confusion for their lovers and breeders, because of their preference for some types of home food, and avoiding others, and for this reason, Shirazi cat breeders live in confusion about the types of healthy food useful for this breed of cats, and for this reason our site has gathered for you in this report a brief About the best types of Persian cat food.

The best types of Persian cat food


Milk is one of the foods that Shirazi cats need in their first months, because it provides them with the calcium necessary for their growth, but after that, milk becomes completely unpalatable to cats.


  • There is no doubt that fish is one of the most favorite foods of Shirazi cats, and it can be served in more than one way, whether boiled, grilled or fried.
  • And completely avoid serving raw or bone-containing fish to Shirazi cats, so as not to harm them.

Red meat

  • Boneless and well-cooked meat is one of the best types of Persian cat food.
  • Because it supplies the proteins needed for growth.
  • Despite this, there are some types of Shirazi cats that do not like red meat.
Types of Persian cat food
Types of Persian cat food


  • A lot of Shirazi cats love chicken very much, so there is no problem in giving it to cats twice a week, but make sure that it is free of any bones, and cook it well.
  • You can also diversify the methods of cooking chicken, so that the cats do not get bored.


  • Persian cats prefer eating carrots cut into small pieces, and it is one of their most favorite vegetables.
  • But she does not like to eat fruits at all, and some fruits, such as grapes, cause poisoning.

The best way to feed Persian cats

What is free feeding?

Free feeding consists of filling the pet’s food bowl and leaving it to them, allowing them to eat whatever food they want at any time.

What foods fit the free feeding method?

  • This method is suitable for all types of foods, but works best with dry foods because it does not spoil as quickly as other wet foods.
  • Dry food can be left for hours in any weather conditions and will not spoil, so it is one of the most appropriate options if you follow the free feeding system in feeding Shirazi cats.

What are the advantages of the free feeding method for cats?

  • One of the main advantages of the free cat feeding method is that you do not need to feed the cats food at a specific time.
  • especially if you are constantly busy or have a lot of important work to do.
  • You will give the cats a choice and make them choose the right time for them to eat whenever they feel hungry.
  • Therefore, leaving food in a bowl permanently throughout the day serves different pets no matter how many they are.
  • because they will be able to eat food from the same bowl at any time.

Are there drawbacks to the free feeding method?

  • Yes, there are drawbacks to the free feeding method, which is that it can help cats gain excessive weight when they eat a lot of food.
  • As there are some breeds of cats that continue to eat a lot even after they feel full, and this may pose a great danger to their health.
  • The other drawback of the free feeding method is that the cats dominate and dominate the food bowl.
  • so often the cats do not allow the rest of the cats – if you keep more than one cat – to eat with them.