How to raise dogs at home

How to raise dogs at home
How to raise dogs at home

How to raise dogs at home Many people have preferred to raise dogs at home, but the way to raise dogs varies based on the habits of the house in which they reside, so we publish a set of tips that can make training a small dog a little easier.

How to raise dogs at home

Choose a dog’s name wisely

  • Part of the fun of bringing a new dog home is finding the perfect name for them, but did you know that certain names are better for training?
  • So they should think of a short name that ends with a strong consonant so that they can always hear it clearly, as in the names “Jasper”, “Jack” and “Ginger”.
  • It raises the dog’s ears, especially when you finally focus.

Define house rules

  • Before a new dog comes into the house, it must be decided what they can and cannot do and are they allowed on the bed or furniture? Are parts of the house prohibited?
  • Will they have their own chair at your dining table? If the rules are set early, confusion for the dog and the owners of the house can be avoided.
How to raise dogs at home
How to raise dogs at home

Eliminate all chances of accidents:

  • Chances of any kind of accidents should be avoided, especially in the early days of a new dog indoors.
  • This is done by taking the dog out of the house to where it will become its own every 30 minutes.
  • That’s because it digests food and water very quickly, being careful to use a consistent word that you want to associate with the idea of ​​going.


  • Everyone needs a schedule, and dogs need a schedule, by making sure they feed them at the same time every day.
  • Go out for a walk within 15-20 minutes of eating, and don’t try to change the schedule early.


  • A new puppy will make mistakes at first and this is inevitable, so don’t stop them from making mistakes but clean the affected areas well.
  • You need an enzymatic cleaner or something specifically designed to remove all urine and faeces stains and odors, because regular household cleaners won’t do the trick.

Reward the puppy for good behavior

  • You should avoid punishing the dog when he makes a mistake, but when he behaves well, he must be sure to reward them every time, by trying to correct him when he does something wrong.
  • Make sure he understands the words “yes” and “no” very clearly, as this will help him to behave properly later.