How to raise small dogs for beginners

How to raise small dogs for beginners
How to raise small dogs for beginners

How to raise small dogs for beginners, most people nowadays want to raise dogs, but do not know the early days of raising dogs at home, and for hobbyists, people who have never raised dogs, what is dog breeding and how to train them, and therefore we will learn about that in our next topic on our site, so follow us that article.

How to raise small dogs for beginners

  • It is preferable to buy a puppy dog ​​from the age of two to three months, so that his nature and discipline are known.
  • Because an adult dog will not have the ability to tame it or recognize its style and lifestyle.
  • Therefore, it is preferable to buy a puppy and stay away from large dogs, which will not allow the presence of an owner for him.

Small dog types

  • Small dog breeds and types are characterized by their beauty and softness, as many people want to raise them, especially girls, because of the ease of raising them.
  • Thus, a puppy or a small dog is any dog ​​whose average weight is less than 10 kilograms and its body height is less than 45 centimeters.
  • One of the most famous types and breeds of small dogs is the Mexican Chihuahua, a dog that is characterized by high intelligence and fierceness.
  • There is also a type of Icelandic dog called the Pomeranian because of the great similarity between it and the owl.
  • He is a very sociable type that loves to play and move and is never afraid. There is a type of dog called the Pug, which is one of the oldest breeds.
  • We also find another type called, which is characterized by its soft fur and loves pampering, attention and care. This type also loves to play and brush its hair.
How to raise small dogs for beginners
How to raise small dogs for beginners

The beginning of having a dog in the house

  • The puppy is very similar to a small child as it needs a lot of tenderness, affection and love at first.
  • The dog will be very frightened because it is in a strange place among strange people.
  • But after about a quarter to half an hour, we will find that he started moving around and cursing about everything.

Puppy food and drink

  • He should not be given food or water as soon as he arrives, but he must get used to the place and break his fear, and then start playing with you.
  • Therefore, about an hour after he arrives at your home, food is served to him, making sure that the food is placed in his sleeping place.
  • As for when he eats his food, he normally eats about four times a day, and the meals are simple because he is still young.
  • It is preferable not to tire the puppy in playing and a lot of movement,
  • because it resembles a small child, and therefore it must remain in its home, and this accommodation must be well lit with good ventilation and not contain moisture.
  • The place must also be residing on old treadmills and under it a piece of cardboard so that he does not sleep on the tiles.
  • A bowl of water must be placed for him, and it is clean water.
  • This water should be changed during the day from four to six times, and throughout the day you will find the puppy howling and making noises.
  • It may last for several hours in a row.
  • He should not respond to him or issue any attitude towards him, but rather he must be left completely.
  • Those consecutive screams will last for three to four days.