How to train dogs at home

How to train dogs at home
How to train dogs at home

How to train dogs at home, dog training at home is one of the first and most important things you will teach your new dog. You should start training the dog as soon as you take it home, but this takes patience.

How to train dogs at home

  • In general, puppies are not able to control their bladder and bowels until 12 weeks of age. If your puppy is smaller than that, patience is required.
  • There are a few basic things that you should remember when house training a puppy.
  • Praise the dog when he responds to the command.
  • Make a strong routine for the dog and maintain it.
  • Do not physically punish your dog for an accident.

Make a specific schedule and system for the dog

  • Making a specific schedule and system is one of the best ways to train dogs at home.
  • So try to get up at the same time every morning, and take your puppy outside right away.
  • Feed the puppy at the same time each day, and take him outside immediately after eating.
  • As your dog gets older, you will be able to anticipate when he needs to go outside based on the last time he was fed, but provided you stick to the feeding schedule.
  • So you should know how to set a puppy feeding schedule.
How to train dogs at home
How to train dogs at home

Monitor the dog’s signals and movements

  • If you see your puppy sniffing on the ground, spinning, and spinning quickly, these are signs that it wants to get out, so take it outside immediately.
  • If you catch him doing something wrong, say “no” firmly and take the dog outside to finish, and praise him when he responds.
  • Never punish your dog by hitting him or pushing his nose into the litter.
  • This will only teach the animal to fear you.
  • If you find an accident at home, but you haven’t caught it in the act, don’t bother punishing it.
  • Because the dog will not associate the punishment with the incident and will only become disoriented.

Choose keywords

  • Constantly using a phrase like “get out” or “do your job” helps your dog learn it as a command.
  • Bring your puppy each time to the same area he is training in during house training.
  • Since the smells in this area encourage him to urinate and defecate here again.
  • When the dog does its job, be sure to offer praise and offer the dog a reward.

Use a crate or crate for the dog

  • When you are away from home, your puppy should be kept in a crate or kennel.
  • You can buy a larger cage for your puppy to grow in, but make sure it is large enough so that the dog is comfortable and can live in it easily.
  • Your puppy should not be allowed to remain in the cage for more than four to six hours, or you may have no choice but to entertain the dog.
  • If you do spend a specific time outside the home at work, as many of us work, you should come home in the middle of each day to let your pup out.