Learn how to raise small dogs

Learn how to raise small dogs
Learn how to raise small dogs

Learn how to raise small dogs, requires raising dogs, especially small dogs; Provides some special skills of the dog breeder; To ensure that the dog is properly raised, and among those skills, patience, and a positive stimulus method; By providing them with rewards, the breeder must also have enough time to train the dog, and meet its different needs.

Steps on how to raise small dogs at home

Allow dogs to roam around the house

  • The educator must; To give the dog the full opportunity to get to know the surrounding environment in which it will settle; To ensure a sense of peace and intimacy.
  • This is before training him on the laws and the various orders, and thus he is allowed to roam around the house and the rooms.
  • during this stage; The dog recognizes the place designated for him to relieve himself, the specific place to eat, and the place to sleep.
  • Then the places he is forbidden to be in, and the place he should settle in while his owner is away from home.

Training small dogs to urinate outside the house

  • One of the important steps in raising small dogs is; Training her to urinate outside the house.
  • It is best to start doing this after she reaches the age of two weeks.
  • Where they are escorted after each meal, to the place designated for that.
  • Then the dog will get used to going alone, and realize that it is the place designated to relieve himself with time.
Learn how to raise small dogs
Learn how to raise small dogs

Training small dogs to obey and how to sit

  • This stage of education needs; To a great deal of patience, and effort on the part of the breeder, so that the dog gets used to the commands.
  • It is accepted to implement it; In terms of carrying out the command to sit, obey his educator, respect him, and listen to him.
  • And dogs are sensitive creatures that feel their owner, and realize what he means.
  • So with the use of the behavior of endearment, enticement, and firmness at times, along with the element of time; The dog is expected to respond to commands within a month.

Giving the dog a reward with all the steps

  • Of the most important factors that motivate the dog to carry out orders, and to satisfy its owner; Offering him a reward for each step of the training, so that he does not feel the difficulty of training, or alienate him.
  • While avoiding excessive pampering, which can lead to the emergence of the dog abnormally.
  • Therefore, you must make sure to use the method of firmness, and encouragement at the appropriate time for each of them.

Training the dog to stick to habits and carry out commands

  • Dogs have a high degree of intelligence; Thus, she can form a balance of the habits that she follows during her daily routine.
  • Including the time of eating, the place of defecation, the exact place of sleep, and the prohibited actions.
  • All dogs need to stick to these habits; A great deal of time, I also play the environment around the dog.
  • as well as the skill of the breeder; a role in determining the duration of that period, which may extend to some months; So that the dog can carry out the habits, and the commands that the owner directs to him.