How to raise husky dogs

How to raise husky dogs
How to raise husky dogs

How to raise husky dogs, how to raise husky dogs in hot areas. Husky dogs are one of the most popular and beloved types of dogs for many people. They are energetic and strong-bodied dogs, and therefore the breeder must have a great deal of movement and sports in order to be happy, so how can they adapt This quality in hot environments is what we will learn about in our next topic, so follow this article with us.

How to raise husky dogs

  • Husky must be trained to get along with other people or dogs and the best way to do this is to take him to a dog nursery for a dog around four to five months old.
  • Walk with the husky on the streets in order to identify the sounds of cars and horns while recognizing the voices of other people.
  • If you feel fear or strangeness about a situation, you must note the behavior of the husky, and do not repeat it to him again.
  • Husky must be attached to training sessions in a place designated for them with training at home as well, but beware, the husky is very smart.
  • It is possible that he will perform his exercises well in the place of the session, and once he returns home, he does not do this, so you have to put pressure on him and not get bored of it.
  • Remember to train your husky in his cage, which will turn him into a safe place if he’s afraid or wants to feel comfortable.
How to raise husky dogs
How to raise husky dogs

Feeding and caring for the husky

  • Husky dogs basically consume small amounts of food, and therefore they must be fed once or twice a day while avoiding any activity after 90 minutes of eating.
  • In the event that it is small in size, it must be fed three times a day in the early morning, noon and evening.
  • When he reaches about three to four months old, he will need only two meals on a daily basis and remember that human food and canned foods may cause bingeing or diarrhea, you may wonder about the right food for him through a veterinarian or an experienced Husky.
  • Use a rough brush to clean dogs once a year in order to remove dead hair and maintain the luster of the fur.
  • Do not shave a husky’s fur in the summer, because hair removal removes a layer that protects it from UV rays, and it does not need to be bathed frequently, as it is clean by nature.
  • We recommend that you bathe your husky once a year, and if you are unable to bathe him on your own, take him to a kennel.
  • The nails should be trimmed once every week or two by the vet, with the Husky’s teeth being cleaned two or three times a week with the purchase of a toothpaste designed for him through the vet.

How to care for husky dogs in hot environments

  • Husky dogs need to live in cold weather and cold areas, and he has double fur, which protects him from cold in winter places and from the heat in summer areas.
  • Therefore, the Husky’s hair should not be shaved because it protects it from cold and heat.
  • It is necessary to provide a special pool for the husky for swimming and fill it with cold water to help him in very hot weather while placing it in a place with shades and it should not be very cold.
  • It is preferable that the water for the husky be clean and cold, and therefore it is necessary to be careful not to put the water in places with heat so that the weather does not change.
  • Hence, the Husky rejects it. You should not leave your dog in the car alone, especially in the summer and at noon.
  • Because the temperature may reach more than 60 degrees, especially if the car windows are closed, because this may cause the Husky to have difficulty breathing and inability to breathe.
  • The Husky loves to walk and walk for long periods, and therefore it is necessary to be careful to practice these sports in the morning when the temperature drops and away from the afternoon time.
  • He need to build his own house made of wood with a cement floor, which greatly preserves heat with a flat roof.
  • You can also make him sleep with you in the same room where it is cold and air-conditioned.