How to raise pit bulldogs

How to raise pit bulldogs
How to raise pit bulldogs

How to raise pit bulldogs Today, we present to you information about raising pitbull dogs, as there are many people who want to own a dog for guarding or for difficult and difficult tasks.

Each person according to his needs, and pitbull dogs are the perfect choice for dogs used in guarding and difficult tasks, and it is noted that there is information on raising pitbull dogs.

How to raise pit bulldogs

There is also a great demand for its purchase, especially in the United States, until the number of its owners reached more than one million dogs of multiple breeds. Always follow our distinguished article.

Information about breeding pit bulldogs

  • The origins of pitbull dogs go back to the group of fighting dogs since the nineteenth century, known as “Molossus”.
  • Which was crossed over time with dogs “Terrier”, until the appearance of the pit bulldog.
  • Pitbulls are considered one of the fiercest dogs of all, known for their aggressiveness, attacking, and superior strength.
  • They are very loyal to their owner and rarely attack, but individual crosses may occur when dogs are beaten.
  • The pitbull is a hybrid of several dogs, the purpose of which was to get a dog with high characteristics of strength, ferocity, and attack.
  • Initially, the purpose of cross-breeding this dog was to use it for hunting livestock.
  • But it was later used in fierce fighting matches organized for dogs.
  • He is known in these matches for his superior ability to fight for the longest time without giving up, even if it leads to his death in the end.
How to raise pit bulldogs
How to raise pit bulldogs

Pitbull dogs specifications

  • It is also characterized by being fierce with all other dog factions, due to its combative origins.
  • They are also very strong and intelligent animals.
  • It can also be used in various other sports.
  • Due to the ferocity of this type of dog and its strong attack, its entry was banned in some countries, which led to insurance prices and the difficulty of renting these dogs.
  • The American Veterinary Association opposed these decisions warning the entry of this breed into some countries and indicated that there is no evidence of dog attacks on humans.

Types of pitbull dog breeds

English pitbull

  • There are two types of this breed “the Staffordshire dog, and the Staffordshire bull terrier”.
  • And the specifications of this type are “wide shoulders up to 40 cm”.
  • This strain is due to its use in combat battles.

American pitbull dogs

  • It is a hybrid and non-purebred dog.
  • This dog has a shoulder width of about 50 cm and weighs 23 kg.
  • He was cross-bred and bred to be a watchdog.

Methods of breeding and training pitbull dogs

  • Initially, a pitbull should be purchased from the age of four months or younger.
  • If possible, to be easy to deal with and trained from a young age, in order to control him and avoid his ferocity.
  • Pitbull’s ears can be cut at the age of three months because they are soft.
  • He must be trained extensively, and we start with obedience exercises until we control him, and then follow the guard exercises.
  • And when training the pitbull, we must be patient.
  • The exercises should be divided into batches and should be stopped immediately when we feel that the dog is bored.
  • It must be dealt with in moderation, not excessive cruelty or excessive tenderness.
  • And keeping away from the use of beating or torture so that it is loyal to its owner.