How to raise Rottweilers

How to raise Rottweilers
How to raise Rottweilers

How to raise Rottweilers, the Rottweiler is one of the dog breeds that are famous for being a working breed, which makes it one of the easiest breeds to train, because Rottweilers are by nature humping to get a job or work to do, which also makes them one of the strongest guard dogs that are Chosen by the military and police bodies. But of course, you can train a Rottweiler to be an obedient family dog. The secret lies only in the age at which the training begins.

When is a Rottweiler puppy trained?

  • A Rottweiler puppy can be trained on simple commands from 6-8 weeks of age.
  • It is worth noting that the older the dog, the more difficult the training process becomes, so it is always recommended to train the Rottweiler at an early age.

When is a Rottweiler puppy trained?

  • Rottweilers are very cute when they are young, but you should start training them from a young age.
  • This is because the rule of thumb for all dogs is that puppies learn much faster than adult dogs and you will have fewer problems if you train your puppy from a young age as he will not pick up any bad habits and if he does you will have time to teach him otherwise.
  • How to raise Rottweilers So you can start obedience training for your Rottweiler from the age of 6-8 months.
  • But you must remember that puppies are easily distracted, and do not have a great ability to withstand intense training.
How to raise Rottweilers
How to raise Rottweilers

Basic Obedience Commands

Sitting order

  • Of course, after training the dog to learn its name, you must move to train on the sitting command immediately, as this will make the rest of the training much easier.
  • To get your puppy to sit, you must first make sure that you get his attention, preferably using the hand rather than the sound during training because this makes the dog focus more.
  • And if you want to train him vocally, it is recommended that you use a command of only one or two words, in addition to using hand signals.

Paws order

  • If you take care of your puppy’s grooming yourself, this will help you clip your dog’s nails easily.
  • Where you order the dog to give you its paws. But he must learn the sitting command first to make this training easier.

Command “no”

  • This is a very important thing to teach dogs, as your puppy needs to know when he’s doing something wrong and should stop doing it immediately.
  • To teach him this, it is necessary to say “no” to the dog in a firm and hoarse voice. And you must remember that you should not use complex words when training a dog.
  • Just say “no” or “stop” or any other simple words, and remember to use this command only if you find the dog doing something wrong so as not to confuse the puppy.

Drop order

  • This can be a difficult command to teach the dog because lowering the dog to the ground is basically a position that makes the dog anxious and afraid.
  • And he must trust his owner very much in order for him to obey this command. Remember to use simple words in the training as well as some hand signals to make it easier for the dog to receive the command.

Keep order

  • It is the most difficult command to teach a Rottweiler ever and takes a lot of time and patience.
  • Also, it is necessary for the dog to learn the command to sit down and to be able to learn this command in the first place.