Features of pitbull dogs

Features of pitbull dogs
Features of pitbull dogs

Features of pitbull dogs Where it is classified as one of the best and strongest types of dogs at all; Because of its ferocity, pitbull dogs are distinguished by a strong physique full of muscles; It made him fit for battle, in addition to his short stature and wide jaw.

Features of pitbull dogs

  • Pitbulls have a high level of intelligence, which makes them perceive and absorb commands very quickly.
  • It is characterized by its relatively small size; Therefore, it is not necessary to provide a large area for it in the house.
  • One of the most important characteristics of pitbull dogs; being little bark; They generally do not bark except in the case of hunger, or thirst.
  • The pitbull has a short coat; which does not require much care; Like other types of dogs.
  • Pitbull dogs can be relied on for guard duties; Because of their great strength and ferocity.
  • Pitbulls are not annoying dogs; In the event that he notices that his owner is preoccupied with him; He’ll leave him alone until he’s done with what he’s doing; Unlike certain types of dogs; It requires constant care all the time.
  • Pitbull dogs are classified as; As one of the most loyal dogs ever; where he could give his life; In order to save the life of its owner; If at any time he feels he is in danger.
Features of pitbull dogs
Features of pitbull dogs

Disadvantages of pitbull dogs

  • Pitbull dogs are very stubborn and proud; making them unresponsive to commands sometimes; Which may cause inconvenience to her breeder; If not fully aware of their different nature than other dogs.
  • Certain types of foods must be provided to the pitbull dog; Which may be a high budget for some.
  • Pitbull dogs must be raised at home; at a young age; Because of their ferocity and strength; It makes the process of training it through a lifetime; A very difficult process.
  • The pitbull needs violent training periodically; to preserve his body; Which requires a full-time educator to do these exercises constantly.
  • Breeding dogs is not a pitbull; A suitable idea, whether for girls or for children; Due to its difficult nature.

The origin of pitbull dogs

  • The origin of the pitbull dog goes back to the Molossus dogs; Which were known as fighting dogs, from which the Pole dogs originated, which were famous for hunting.
  • And then Poole dogs were crossed with terrier dogs.
  • In the end, Pitbulls appeared; Which carried the common characteristics of the two factions; Which made her have great skill in the process of fighting, and catching prey.