Information about the Rottweiler

Information about the Rottweiler
Information about the Rottweiler

Information about the Rottweiler The Rottweiler is one of the most popular types of dogs around the world due to its large size, strength, and exceptional personality. And although it looks intimidating, it is very friendly and family-friendly. But in fact, they do not trust strangers, which is what makes them excellent at protecting and defending property.

Rottweiler dog characteristics

  • Origin: Rottweil Germany.
  • Colors: Black with brass markings above eyes, chest, and legs.
  • Head and Skull: The head is of medium length, the skull is broad between the ears.
  • Size: male 63-68cm, female 58-63cm.
  • Weight: males 38-52 kg, females 36-45 kg.
  • Health problems: aortic stenosis, cataracts, diabetes, certain types of cancer.

The history of the Rottweiler

  • The history of the Rottweiler dates back to the time of the Roman Empire when they controlled large parts of Germany.
  • There was a small market town called Rottweil, hence the name Rottweiler.
  • In those times, legions obtained their supply of meat by bringing cattle with them on their travels and the help of working dogs was needed to guard the cattle.
  • One travel route was through Württemberg and to the aforementioned market town of Rottweil.
  • This area has become an uninhabited cattle area, and here cattle dogs have already proven their worth.
  • In those times, it was believed that Rottweilers were called rover dogs and that they also carried timber and other products to market.
  • Not only did they guard the herd of wild animals, but they also protected them from anyone trying to steal them.
  • It will take some courage to try to outrun this strong and intelligent dog.
Information about the Rottweiler
Information about the Rottweiler

Types of rottweiler dogs

German Rottweiler

  • He is short in stature and has a large and muscular body.
  • The German Rottweiler is characterized by a large head size compared to the rest of the species.
  • The colors of the German Rottweiler tend to be light brown, and there are colors that tend to be dark red.
  • His fur is short, not as long as the rest of the species.

American Rottweiler

  • It is characterized by a small head size compared to the German variety.
  • It has a much larger body size than the German Rottweiler and is muscular, but less than the German.
  • There is no difference in colors like the German Rottweiler.

Russian Rottweiler

  • Head size is average compared to German and American.
  • It has long fur that protects it from the cold and snow.
  • It is characterized by suitable and muscular body size.