Specifications of Golden Retriever dogs

Specifications of Golden Retriever dogs
Specifications of Golden Retriever dogs

Specifications of Golden Retriever dogs, Golden Retriever dogs are among the best dogs loved by trainers. Golden Retriever dogs are famous for being loyal, friendly, loving family dogs and one of the smartest dogs in the world. Our site provides you with the specifications of Golden Retriever dogs, the correct ways to feed them, and the common diseases that a dog breed is exposed to. Golden.

Specifications of Golden Retriever dogs

  • This dog is considered one of the most popular dogs in the world because of the unique features that this dog has.
  • His behavior is very friendly and good towards all the friends of his family.
  • Is the best domestic dog.
  • He is very intelligent, and this makes him amenable to training and learning quickly, so he can fix all the different tasks assigned to him.
  • You can also use it like a pet dog or a dog for different tasks you need.
  • He is distinguished by his ability to hunt and retrieve prey after hunting it, which is why he was called the Retriever.
  • Runs and catches prey after hunting it and returns it to his friend.
  • He has distinctive and wonderful physical characteristics that enable him to run quickly and lightly.
  • It also has a strong jaw that you can grab onto objects.
  • So it is used to detect explosives or help people with special needs.
  • The length of the female of this dog reaches 56 cm, and the length of the male reaches 61 cm.
  • The weight of female golden dogs is 29.5 and males are 33.5.
  • It has thick straight or wavy fur and its fur is water-resistant.
  • A female lives between ten and ten years.
Specifications of Golden Retriever dogs
Specifications of Golden Retriever dogs

Golden dog food

  • It is best to give the dogs Golden Dry Food on a daily basis, at a rate ranging between two to three cups, to be divided into two meals.
  • Eating an adult golden dog depends on several things:
  • Including its size, age group, metabolic rate, amount of movement.
  • And dogs differ among themselves in the amount of food they eat exactly like humans.
  • The type of food also has a big impact on the quality of your dog.
  • As the food improves the appearance of your dog.
  • Take care of the dog’s health well and organize his meal times, feed him only twice a day, and do not leave him food in front of him randomly.

Common Diseases That Affect Golden Dogs

  • It is best to buy dogs from trusted farms so that they are not exposed to infectio.
  • And diseases but from the genetic diseases that this breed suffers from and the most famous of these diseases.
  • Hip dysplasia, or malformation of the hip joint, is a genetic disease in which the thigh bones do not connect to the hip joint.
  • Elbow dysplasia or deformity of the elbow joint.
  • This is also a genetic condition that may appear in Golden dogs, especially in large breeds.
  • And is believed to occur due to a heterogeneous mutation in the growth of the bones that make up the dog’s elbow and this causes the joint to lax.
  • Osteochondritis dissecans This condition occurs due to a spurt in the growth of cartilage in the joints of the foot.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy is a group of eye diseases that cause the gradual deterioration of a dog’s retina.